On Making Changes

Hi there. Everyone else usually revamps, revises and cleans house in the Spring. Not me. I wait til Autumn is in full, chilly swing. So, today, I am rolling out my newly redecorated space and adding some new stuff.

Exciting, right?

Once in a while, life likes to remind you to keep looking for the good. And, often, it will also give you gentle reminders that good is already right there. You just have to look for it. So, in keeping with those gentle reminders, I have found the good in working at home, for myself. See, while I love food (a little too much) and I adore cooking, I also love to write. In fact, that's my full-time career/job.  I don't write books just yet, but that is on the bucket list. For now, I am a freelance contributor on several blogs and I write pieces for assorted clients throughout the Internets!  Exciting, too, I know!!!  

My writing journeys have led me to a myriad of amazing, intelligent beings from across the globe. One such person is my friend Deborah Aldridge, another freelance wordsmith with an amazing wit and a keen sense of all things health- and garden-related. After much discussion, we have decided to combine forces in a group of blogs that focus on all things health, garden, food and budget related. You can find this phenomenal combination of wit, talent and skill by visiting Simply Deb.  And if you lose this post, neverfear!  There's a handy tab at the top of this blog and also a feed in the sidebar, so you can see just what's going on!  

I hope that you'll continue to visit me here at Cooking Squared and also wander on over there, as well, for the best in common-sense, useful ideas, advice and know-how. Go ahead. Do it. Find the good in your day!  

Thanks, faithful, loyal friends and strangers. Your visits are a blessing!  <3 

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