Squaring Off

Since 2011, this was the purposed of Cooking Squared: "Everywhere there's advice for cooking for families, kids and parties, but never much about cooking for two. I did the whole family thing, even pulled off a few larger group gatherings and now it's time to scale it back a bit. You won't find any elite concoctions containing Cornish game hens or giant racks of lamb here. Instead, I bring you information you can actually use-- like meal planning, budgeting and saving, recipes, reviews and more."

As I sit here today, some six years later, and after much neglect, it's time to take Cooking Squared in a new direction. I'm not going to muck with the name, because it's still a family of two here, but what I will be incorporating is a focus on foods that are perfect for anyone doing a ketosis diet, and more specifically, I really want to pay special attention to LOWER-fat, low carb recipes that will serve those of us who no longer have gallbladders. If you are such a person, and you've tried keto, you may understand the hell it can be to consume so much fat every day.

Along the way, I will share my own keto recipes, and also do some remodeling on some high-high-fat keto classics to maybe make them a little bit less painful, but still palatable, and perfect for keto. I've been through a whole lot of diets, and lifestyle changes in the past six years, and have come to realize that for me, a keto diet, or low-carb eating is the way for me, to keep me healthy, and improve my overall being. There won't be alot of personal storytelling here, but if you want to know my story, please visit my other blog, Gut Reaction, where I discuss all things keto, myself, motivation, and more.

I hope you find something useful here. Comments are always welcome and feel free to share your own advice on cooking for two or fewer! Thanks for stopping by!

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