We Have a Winner! Killer Caprese Chicken!

Hi kids! I know it's been a while! I hope your new year is treating you well. Just wanted to clue you in an a crazy-simple and crazy-excellent meal that was met with rave reviews by my beloved! I found this recipe for Caprese Chicken on Pinterest a while back and finally got around to making it this past weekend. 

The only thing I altered was the format of the basil. I forgot to grab some at the store, but I knew I had my tube of Gourmet Garden basil, so we were good to go! 

I find it kind of comical that when I poured the oil in the pan, it formed the shape of a boot...kind of like Italy itself. A sign from the Universe perhaps? 

I sliced up the cheese and tomatoes while the chicken was cooking. I bought one of those small balls of mozzarella, which gave me six slices, perfect for three pieces of chicken! 

Here we see chicken boobs in their most unnatural habitat. I forgot to trim off the excess fat, but there wasn't a profuse amount, so it didn't detract from the flavor at all. 

My apologies for this less-than-stellar shot of the sauteeing tomatoes. While the original author directs one to use two different pans, this cook is lazy and therefore transferred the cooked chicken to the baking sheet and just used the same skillet to to do the rest of the cooking. I will probably never learn to add the garlic LAST!! It did get a bit brown, but it wasn't burnt, so we proceeded. We being me. 

The assembly line. While the original author also suggests using a baking dish, I figured, again, why be that ambitious? So, I just broiled them on that baking sheet. Same difference. I put two slices of cheese on each piece then topped them with the tomatoes, as evenly as possible. 

THIS is the final product. It was a fairly simple meal. I boiled up some whole grain penne while working on the the chicken so it was ready to go by the time the chicken was finished broiling. I drained the pasta, then tossed it with about a tablespoon of butter and a few healthy sprinkles of grated parmesan cheese. 

My assessment?  This one is a winner, folks!  The beloved absolutely LOVED it and agreed that it could remain in regular rotation. So if you want a relatively inexpensive yet highly scrumptious and very easy meal....add this one to your culinary repertoire NOW!  

You can find the full recipe here:  Caprese Chicken

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