The Booty

So I did actually go to the store.  I did actually refrain from buying copious amounts of anything junk-related. This is a rough summary of the items:


Jasmine rice
Cous cous


Special K Vanilla Almond (which I eat with banana)


1% milk
Coffee creamer (non-dairy)
Vanilla rice milk
Half/half (for the Somewhat Autumnal Bisque that I still need to make)
Fat-free Ricotta (which I forgot to pair with curly kale...damnit, I knew I forgot something!)


Huge pork chops, which I butterfly and get two meals out of.....
93/7 Lean ground turkey (2)
Skinless, boneless chicken boobs (small pack)
Turkey smoked sausage
Deli roasted chicken boob-1 lb.

Veggies (Frozen)

3 Green Giant health veggie blends....(on sale $1 a piece....works for a side!)

Veggies/Fruits (Fresh)

Romaine (bagged)
Organic greens
Gold/orange cauliflower
1 Leek
1 cored pineapple
1 bag apples
2 containers blackberries (50c each, are you kidding me??)
Baby bella shrooms
Shitake shrooms
1 pomegranate
1 red pepper
zukes and yellow squash
Grape tomatoes (1 container because I have yet to get mine started indoors for the winter months...fail.)
Handful of snow peas (gonna attempt some form of stir fry this week).

That, of course, is not the entire list, but suffice it to say that there were no cookies, no chips, apart from Bugles for the beloved's lunch, which is portion controlled and thusly not as bad as it sounds, and no frozen garlic bread, or other bread for that matter.  There was Coca Cola, for him, but he's been cutting back, so it lasts longer. I only drink tea and coffee. So, all in all, it was a fairly good trip. Now, let's see what I do with it.

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