Sick of Food

Ever get stuck in a rut? Get a skip in your record? The same old, so very same old makes you nauseous just to ponder?  That's where we're at, me and my beloved, when it comes to our daily intake of that fuel formerly known as FOOD.

I think we experienced a mutual epiphany, defined thusly as:

sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality oressential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

 As we sat discussing how we felt about ourselves, I uttered without thinking:

"I'm so sick of everything we eat"

To which my beloved excitedly replied:

"Me too!!!!!"

Not sure why, but lately we've been packing on some pounds, eating a fairly substantial amount of junk and subsequently paying the price.  I could easily blame my gainage on this autumn's full hysterectomy, but I just don't think that's it. Having come through both surgery and recovery with flying colors and very little post-op pain, I just don't think that's the contributing factor.  Depression might be playing a role, stress, even...over the simple things like not being able to get a job, losing what regular income I did have through my writing work, and the lack of a car.  Mine gave up her ghosts and got hauled away the other day.  BUT, things are looking up, a new car has entered the picture and I had an interview that I THINK went fairly well yesterday, barring any failure of the background check?!  Not sure how much trouble one can get in to whilst living the life of a hermit for three to four years, but hey, you never know.  Anywhoooooooo......

Back to food.  It's time for changes.  Time to eliminate the garbage and get back to what we know will make us feel better.

Here's what we will be eliminating, or at least consuming in much more moderation than we have been:

Sugar (cookies, cake, pie, junk.)
Pizza (of the frozen variety. It's easy, but it's NOT easy on the waistline....)
Breads (mostly garlic, but some other kinds......you just do NOT need to have bread with every meal!)
Salt (for me...it's my weakness)

Here's what we will be ADDING to the menu because darn it, it's just good for you:

Lean Proteins (turkey, chickens [of which we already eat a profuse amount], lean beef, fish)

Getting back to more natural, less processed eating. I already know how much better I feel when I eat like that, so the information is there, I just have to use it. So, today, I'll be exploring different menu options, making a list and heading to the store to give our daily intake of foods a much needed makeover!   Stay tuned for the exciting details!!

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