Shuffling Off to Buffalo Chicken Pasta

 A lot of things I share, I have made only once ... Not because they suck but because have you SEEN the sheer volume of recipes out there? I mean ... How can I NOT make something different every time I cook?  😁 This time around it was this recipe (or one like it. Again, it's been centuries since I made this): 

If you're pressed for time, get your pasta water boiling, get all the ingreeeeeeedients out, then add pasta to the water, and THEN put together the Buffalo sauce. (See the link above for the complete recipe). As you can see, it's fairly simple. No fancy additives at all. 

The green onions are my modification, mainly for garnish, but also, because onions ... You could toss the whites into the sauce, or just use the tops for garnish. Have you way with them. 

Getting saucy ... 

Stir in the chicken. 

Once everything is nicely coated throw the cooked and drained pasta in with the sauce, give it a whirl or five, then put it in your baking dish of choice.  

Conversely, you could probably cut out the baking time, and just cook things right there in the skillet, let the sauce "reduce" for 5-10 minutes, on a medium heat, and serve it straight out the skillet. Just saying, because that's probably what I did. I also did not add the shredded cheese to the top. Personal choice. Make it your own!  

Sorry for the craptastic pictorial example. I know nothing of lighting.  

All in all, this was great for a quick meal. You can pair it with a vegetable of your choosing, like peas, or green beans, or broccoli, or a salad. Also, even though we cook for two here, you can make the entire recipe and use the rest for lunches, or snackables, or whatever you so choose. Do not ask me freezing. I am not food-freezing aficionado, nor expert. 

ALSO, the canned chicken is not set in stone. You could use leftover meats from a rotisserie bird, or cook up a bunch of plain chicken boobs in your slow cooker, and use whatever the recipe calls for here, then use the rest of the chicken for other meals. Everything is flexible. 

Finally, let me tell you about a little skillet I got for Christmas one year. It's a Greenpan 11- or 12-inch (or maybe even larger) with a lid that looks a bit like this one. 

I don't believe I've ever owned such a cooking device that is so durable, and so versatile, and has taken years of abuse with only a few minor dings.  If you want a pan that will serve you honorable for decades, I believe this would be your match. If you're thinking about, or you have gone minimalist, and you need to whittle down your cookware collection, this one will take the place of at least two.  

If you want to check out more about it, click on the picture. Please note, this IS an Amazon affiliate link, but there are plenty of other Greenpan resources out there with a click of your Google machine.  :) 

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