Train Kept a Rollin'

That train, she definitely did keep a rollin'. It's been YEARS ... But here I am, back to share some of the food adventures I've had since 2017.  There was a lot (A LOT) of chicken. There was some keto, and there was some not keto ... just food.  

The focus remains the same - cooking for two - because it's what we still do. Pull up a chair, grab snacks, and enjoy the feast!  ❤

Disclaimer of the highest proportion:  Please keep in mind that the pictures published from here on out were taken over the course of at least six years, with anything from a Canon Sure Shot (or whatever it's called) to Samsung Galaxy phones of differing makes, a Moto Z, and some other phone that was complete shite, like an LG, or something, and currently, we're shooting with another Samsung Galaxy model. Point being, I am not a professional photographer, or food blogger. I work with what I've got, and I'm doing good if the shot is not blurry :D Rock on! 

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