21 Ways to Leave Your Meat

In other words, tomorrow, (Monday), we are engaging in a 21-day health plan which we discovered whilst watching PBS one night. This doctor, Neal Barnard, was enlightening his audience about giving your body, health and fitness a 21-day kickstart. All it takes is going completely Vegan for three weeks!!! WHO KNEW, right?  Ha.

THIS is that book....

When you live in the country, surrounded by farms and their respective farmers, a hog farm and a cattle slaughterhouse on either side, it's kind of hard to imagine living life without meat or animal products. This is Ohio, for the love of all things Holy, seriously! Meat-free in a rural area? We must have lost our minds! Us? We, the parents who gave our son a whole, holy-hell ration of shit when he tried it out? We can't have gotten to the point where we, ourselfs, would even begin to entertain such thoughts. Could we?

We have.  And it starts tomorrow.....

I'm thinking the best course of action, one that will help us monitor our changes is to share them with YOU. LUCKY YOU!!!  I don't promise culinary delights or a complete mental transformation into the stereotyped Vegan. I just promise that we're going to give it our best for the next 21 days and see what happens. Stick around, you might learn something. If not, at least you'll get a sick sense of satisfaction (if you are carnivorous) that we're going without a lovely piece of blackened prime rib or a decadently grilled burger and YOU are not :)

I'm thinking I'll probably scour these webs of Inter and find assorted Vegan recipes, try out said recipes, search for and purchase assorted Vegan products and learn new ways to cook old things in a much healthier way. Hope you'll stick around for the next few weeks and get a giggle or three.

Until tomorrow!  

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