Beating Meat: Days 2 and 3

Day 2...come and gone. Came and went. It was kind of screwy. We both had the day off. I forgot to eat breakfast until about 8:30 AM. OOPS (considering I was up around 4 AM) and forgot to take my vitamins as well.  Oh well.

Got adventurous and made two different kinds of soups so I can have lunch ready every day and not succumb to the temptations in the workplace.

I think the husband is already experiencing MEAT withdrawal...but he's determined to stick this out, which makes me admire him even more than I did before!

The day's foraging included:

Boca Sausages (3 to be exact)
Boca Burgers and baked steak fries (no grease or oils used whatsoever)
A grapefruit
1/2 a bagel with vegan cream cheese (must say, not too shabby at all!)
Black bean burritos with vegan cheese, sauteed peppers and onions and salsa...
And probably something else, but since I slacked and didn't write this til now, I can't remember!!!

All in all, it was a fairly successful day, eating wise. I will admit, however, that we did use up the remainder of the sour cream (fat free) with the burritos. Rome was not constructed in a day nor will we become Vegan overnight. But, it's all gone, so that is most definitely the end of that!  And, the end of Day 2.

Day 3...

Let the challenge begin. Mainly because now I have to figure out what to feed my Beloved for lunch, at work.

My day started out with cereal and almond milk and a banana....
Work menu included:
15-Bean soup with 3 small slices of cornbread

For him, it went something like this:

1 Boca Burger
1 Boca Bruschetta thing (can't remember if it was the chicken or beef varietal)
Grape tomatoes
Fruit salad (banana, cara cara orange and blackberries with a sprinkle of stevia)
Tortilla chips
2 cookies
1 pop
1 yogurt (the last one....his favorite, but now it's all gone).

Dinner went something like this:

Mixed green salad with tomatoes and poppyseed dressing
Whole grain french garlic bread

Then, I had these:

1 cookie

and he had this:

Cheerios with Silk Vanilla

When I mention things like PBJ and cookies, we've been doing lots of explorations into the world of healthier choices and thusly have switched to things like all natural peanut butter....the kind which has only PEANUTS in it. No added anything elses. Jelly? Pollaner All Fruit...in place of colored, sugary, gelatinous stuff.  Of course, it's not quite as cost effective, but if you stop buying the junk, then you can afford the other stuff in place of the junk.

One piece of advice when switching from cow milk to vegan milks.....use LESS milk and pour less cereal....because, I am guessing it's the high water content in the vegan varietals, that cereal gets really soggy, really quick, so unless you can eat all of it in 5 minutes or less, you end up with a bowl of mush. Not so sexy.

Oh and the black beans that I made for the previous evening's menu go absolutely PERFECTLY with the tortilla chips!

I'm thinking that we're going to need to invest in some Beano.....for the foreseeable future. All this fiber, in the form of whole grain breads, beans, grains, and veggies, is causing an ENORMOUS amount of gassy type stuff...which, you know, is all well and good and sometimes FUN, yet more annoying than anything.

3 days gone already and we're starting Day 4 already....it's not TOO bad. Challenging, definitely, but doable, just the same.

Anxious to see how another 2.5 weeks will make us feel!

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