It Really Is All Greek To Me....

Greek yogurt, that is....I tried some Chobani once....and found it to be horrifically displeasing to my palette. That ended my need to jump on the Greek bandwagon. That and reading this article about how the manufacturing process for Greek yogurt causes tremendous strain on portions of our environment. 

(On a side note, when did it become acceptable to stop using capitalization in titles of articles, etc.? That peeves me to no end!) 

However, a few weeks back I discovered a recipe for healthy (Gasp!!), low-fat veggie dressing/dip using plain Greek yogurt as the base. In order to reconcile my differences with the environmentally unfriendly manufacturing process, I kind of convinced myself that the manufacturers ARE taking steps to avoid pollution. Whatever gets you through the day, right?  And me, buying ONE container of the stuff is NOT going to be the camel's back-breaking straw. It's just not. 

So, finally, this past weekend I picked up that ONE container of plain Greek yogurt for the recipe. But then, my dearly beloved found this, part of the store's 10 for 10 sale....

Mind you, I'm not a huge fan of the texture, especially when the first bite is nothing short of some powdery/grainy/blech consistency coating your tongue.  Apart from that, however, the flavor was pretty impressive.  Considering the fact that my absolute favorite Bath and Body Scented Oil is this: 

...eating this yogurt was like being able to eat the smell that comes out of that bottle. As you can see by the first pic, nary a piece of fruit can be found in this container. Sure, there are some orange-colored fiber specks, but fruit?  No. There is, a plethora of the tangerine oil, however, which really bumps up that tangerine flavor.  

So, if you're in the market for a fairly decent fruit-flavored Greek yogurt, you might give this one a try. Especially if you are in love, love, LOVE with tangerines!  

If not...maybe you'll like this Tangerine tune instead...

 Please note that I'm not getting one pink, purple, blue or red cent for mentioning any of these products....(feel free to contribute, advertisers...I do take checks....!)  


  1. I do not like Greek yogurt either. I like good old Yoplait thick and creamy, or better yet the whipped Yoplait! I eat those for dessert, they're so good.

    Can you tell I don't eat yogurt for its healthy properties?

  2. Clearly, I cannot reply to comments and have them POST as comments from Gmail. Suckage. Now I don't remember what I said....something about the love of Whips (the yogurt variety).


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