Upsetting the Stomach Cart

Today is a nauseating day. For the foreseeable future, it will continue to be a nauseating reminder of all that is wrong. Probably too dark a topic for this particular blog, so instead of focusing on giant elephant in the room (country), we'll just stick to what I know best. Food.

I had grandiose plans to make that lovely spinach lasagna....the spinach is all thawed out now and waiting patiently in the fridge, But today is just not the day for huge celebratory cooking festivals in my kitchen.

  Just say NO. Just. No. Bumper Stickers

Instead, lets discuss junk. And how it makes us feel when we EAT it. And WHY we eat it, when we know damned well that it will make us feel very, very poopy.  

So, I went into town today, to purchase cat foods, so as not to become a snack for the feline population of the household. I was all about getting the cat food....and then, some Vernor's Ginger Ale (because I like it damn it), and then some wheat bread...pronounced, like this.......

But then, I'm all like "OH, I need something snackity....but I don't want a whole lot of anything....", so I saw a can of Pringles.  Stupid me, I bought them. Stupid me, I ate them with this...for lunch....

Cracked Pepper turkey and tomato with a bit of mayo on that Whhhhhhhhhhheat bread and the rest of the tomato.  I should've just stopped there. 

Same goes for milk. Regular cow milk. I just can't handle it anymore. Having this the other night, for dinner...

with about a teaspoon of regular white sugar and 1% milk, gave me miserable stomach upset/crampage within an hour. Can we say LACTOSE intolerant?  

However, I shall NEVER be CHEESE intolerant. That's just a whole other category, it has to be. The world is not right without cheese.  Speaking of cheese, I probably should've grabbed another bag of shredded mozzarella for the lasagna...but I did not.  Another good reason for not making it-insufficient levels would render it a failure!  

See, what you don't know about your humble wanna-be foodie is that she eats alone five out of seven days per week. The cooking SQUARED part comes in during weekends. When I started this blog, we did eat dinner together but work situations have changed and here we are. And that's the thing about cooking for two or fewer...you have to think on your feet, that and you have to have the urge to COOK things. Otherwise, you get what we had here today.....consuming junk and then feeling like poo because of it.  

So, I've narrowed down the reasons for poor eating habits, like this: 
  • Boredom
  • Laziness
  • Impulse buying
  • Emo-eating (don't do much of that but it has been known to happen occasionally
I've also narrowed down the things that should be eliminated in order for me to not feel like poo: 
  • Sugar
  • Anything sugar-related
  • Pop
  • Sugar
  • Potato chips (it just never ends well)
So, in the interest of providing some informative, useful, and mightily entertaining content in the upcoming weeks, I think I shall start a series of posts regarding Cooking x 1. I know I can't be the only one who is married and yet eats alone almost nightly.....nor am I the only one who works at home, alone.  Some serious planning, consideration, preparation and cooking can help those of us on the single start to eat better when no one is watching.  

Stay tuned!  

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