You Say Tomato, I Say Hell Yeah!

I am all about tomatoes. Probably more than should be legal...however, when it comes to store-bought, warehouse-gassed varietals, I have issues and so I usually avoid them.  Same with restaurant tomatoes, same crap. Same avoidance tactic.  

Enter farm-grown, fresh, not trucked anywhere, TOMATOES.  

For some seven plus years now, I have driven by this farm on the way to the big city and for seven plus years, I have never stopped. Oh, some day. Here we are. Until today. I stopped.  They have a WEALTH of fresh stuff that they grow all around the property. This was my haul. Not bad for $6. I feel a salad coming on, not to mention some roasted zucchini. 

My advice to you?  Never, ever, ever, ever buy grocery tomatoes when you have access to a farm, a farmer's market or anywhere alongside the road selling FRESH tomatoes.  Get them. Always. You don't know from tomatoes until you have... (A touch snarky, maybe. Honest, always!) 

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