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There are so many things that I never would have learned had I not discovered the joys of watching PBS shows, usually on Saturdays. Everything from art to cooking to home decorating and remodeling ideas. Way before the internet ever entered into our consciousness, the only way to get inspiration from mass media was PBS or CBS Sunday Morning.  When you grow up and continue to live in northwest Ohio, trust me, culture is NOT something you will run across whilst watching corn grow.

And imagine the blessing it was, when television got its digital on...and PBS split its programming into four separate channels! Makes the creative heart go SQUEE!

I do not have the original credits but it's a childhood favorite that I relate to, damn it. 

I have watched a plethora of tv chefs and cooking experts, all without ever having the luxury of The Food Network in my home. We don't have cable or satellite....not going to pay for something that would encourage us to become more sedentary than a 1000-year-old giant snapping turtle. Just won't. Of course, I'm very openly dating myself by even talking about pre-Internet era television, but hey...I never claimed to be a baby, right?  :)

What I really want to address is the fact that when you don't have the first clue as to how to cook anything other than what your mother taught you (if she even did), then the best thing you can do for yourself is to watch, read and visit the likes of America's Test Kitchen and their sister show Cook's Country.  I don't have clue #1 as to how old these programs are, but the recipes and videos are available on the websites, so they can't be TOO ancient, like some of the programming that PBS airs.

What you get here, that you won't get from any of the nationality-based shows (Simply Ming, Mexico One Plate at a Time, Lydia's Italy, etc.), is a firm basis in cooking. Cooking 101.  Not only do they give step by step by step by step instructions for every recipe, you also learn about WHY they are doing what they are doing. You also get instruction on cuts of meat....beef and pork, which is IMMENSELY helpful if you have never made a pot roast or cooked a steak in your entire lifespan!

Trust me, if I lived anywhere near where their facilities are located, I would do everything in my power to get a job there.  Just the sheer joy of learning something new every time I watch it makes me want to cook more, cook better and just cook up a storm. Not only do they give you the best recipe and instructions possible, they tailor these shows to normal, everyday people who may NOT have a huge budget to spend on food. They don't seek out the most expensive ingredients on the planet, they use the things you can find in your local store, without having to mail-order anything.

Cool, right?

Just to prove it, I share with you this....

Go here for recipe:  http://pinterest.com/pin/70298444157021552/

I've been making my own version of fajitas for years. However, after watching this episode and making these, following the directions to a T, I can honestly tell you, I will probably totally forget my own recipe and use this at least for the foreseeable future!  Omitting the radish salad thingy, of course.....the rest of it is absolutely amazing and well worth the investment of time. The rest of it cost very little, ingredient-wise.  And, if fajitas are not your thing, I bet you will find something in any category that will win you over.  Just go check it out. See for yourself.  

Keep in mind that I am in no way affiliated with, nor making any money from or by promoting what I just talked about.  This was and will continue to be a 100% free, unbiased, unpaid, HONEST rambling.

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